A Family Is Found For A Lonely Shelter Dog Who Was Lost Without His Bucket

Slim, a lonely shelter dog who has been waiting for adoption for nearly a year, has a favorite toy: a bucket! Slim “loves his bucket and is lost without it!!”

according to Rescue Me Ohio. Slim was rescued in December 2014 from an abandoned house. The Pit Bull mix was emaciated and terrified when he was taken to the Ashland County Dog Shelter in Ohio, where he has remained ever since. The most recent updates can be found at the bottom of this story.Ohio’s Rescue Me writes: recommended by

“He’s about 4 to 5 years old and a Pit Bull mix.” He exudes vigour and charm. He had some food guarding issues, which the shelter staff and volunteers helped him overcome, and he has come a long way. He enjoys being the center of attention and playing. He’s also a big boy who doesn’t have the best leash manners. He is anxious in the shelter and has destroyed the majority of the toys that have been given to him. His favorite toy, however, is his Bucket!!! He adores his bucket and would be lost without it!!

He sits like a gentleman for a treat and accepts them so gracefully. He will require a home where he can continue to practice the manners he has learned. Slim desperately needs a rescue to take him in and give him time to decompress after spending so much time in the shelter.” Slim was taken into foster care by Forget Me Not Animal Rescue at the end of October 2015 after waiting a little longer with his bucket. They took him in and began training him while also looking for a permanent home for him.Slim has been having so much fun with his new foster family that he hasn’t had time to play with his bucket. He enjoys his bed. He enjoys all of the attention he is receiving.And he enjoys all of the positive reinforcement he is receiving.

But I’m sure what he’d really want is a family. For more information on Slim, please visit the Forget Me Not Animal Rescue adoption page. October 2016 update Slim appears to have an adoption pending or has been adopted, according to the Forget Me Not Animal Rescue website!Slim is the most deserving dog in our opinion! Spread the good news to your friends and family.

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