Faithful puppy refuses to leave his owner and chases the ambulance that takes him to the emergency room

Faithful puppy refuses to leave his owner and chases the ambulance that takes him to the emergency room

The loyalty of some animals has no limits and that of the puppy in this story is one of those that reaches infinity and beyond. His name is Mandraque, a furry who lives in Mineiros, Brazil and is never willing to part with his owner; not even because it is a medical emergency.

For that reason the puppy ended up chasing the ambulance in which the man was transferred.Puppy
This month, Dr. Igor Paiva Días and his medical team witnessed something unparalleled when Mandraque appeared in a hospital emergency to accompany his owner.

The puppy was distressed and made a journey of 8 km in order not to leave his human alone.

Apparently the man, whose identity was not revealed by the doctor, felt unwell and went to the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) Dr. Francisco Filgueiras Júnior, but he was not alone because his puppy accompanied him.

The matter was unusual, but it became even stranger when the dog began to chase the ambulance.

At that moment, a man passing by the place did not miss the opportunity to record the situation that hours later was shared by Paiva on her social networks.

In his career years it is the first time he has witnessed something of this nature.
The doctor knew the puppy perfectly, as well as the owner who is a regular patient in the unit.

“The patient is a wheelchair user and goes to the UPA many times because he has ulcers from sitting and lying down for a long time.

If there is an example of truer love, I don’t know, it could be near his friend,” the doctor said.

Moved by the situation, the doctor even called Mandrake and invited him to get into the ambulance. It was a regret for him to see the puppy’s effort to achieve unity and he thought that there would be no inconvenience.

“We were going to sterilize the ambulance later, but he still didn’t get in and decided to walk, so they instructed the driver to go at a low speed so that the dog could follow us,” Igor Paiva said.

Once at the health center, the puppy was allowed to approach his owner, but he had to stay out of the room due to local policies. If it had been for the insurance doctor I would have allowed him to enter but before him there are other authorities.

“The moment the dog saw his owner on the stretcher, he immediately jumped up and started licking and kissing him,” Días said.

The good thing is that Mandraque managed to somehow accompany his owner, since he did not part with the entrance to the center until the man was medically discharged.

Luckily it was a minor emergency and his stay at the scene was brief.
However, once again Mandrake’s fidelity was demonstrated. The little dog waited for him until the end and then they returned home together.

“The patient was discharged and his faithful companion accompanied him back home,” the doctor concluded.

As expected, the story caused a lot of emotion among the readers, because more than one extolled the fidelity of the animal, and they also gloated about having their own Mandrakes at home.


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