A fantastic scene of the giant aligator transporting his babies on his back

As we always speak about the maternal love and care we miss the paternal affection and devotion towards their babies. They show them extremely protective and loving emotions. And the same feeling are among animals.

In such way theis rare type of aligator tried to protect his babies and held about 100 of them on his back transporting them all. It was really a fantastic scene! As it could sound strange and unusual about such a dangerous animal, he also felt a great responsibility and love towards his children and took them all on his back for moving them to a better place.

This unique moment was captured by an Indian photographer Dhritiman Mukherjee, who was shocked noticing the caring father with his numerous little creatures. As this aligator is under extinction, he made wonderful pics to show the beauty of these animals and to warn people to pay attention to such rare creatures.

The shots are really amazing and miraculous! They show how sweet and gentle a father can be with his babies, no matter it can be a human or an animal.

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