A stray dog saved newborn’s life

We need to take care of dogs more attentively as they are exactly the ones who stay with us in times of need.

This touching story happened in Thailand. One stray dog was walking along the road in hopes of finding a kind soul who would feed him. Near the trash bins, he heard a squeak which he misheard for a cat one. He came closer, took the bundle, and took it with him. Nobody really knows how long he had been walking till he took a turn towards one of the houses.

The dog kept barking until one of the owners came out. They took a look at the unusual bundle and found a hardly breading newborn. The woman called the emergency, and the baby was immediately taken to intensive care.

The little one is currently in hospital and is getting better, and the puppy has been given named Pew and has a collar of a saver.

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