What does the Mowgli girl look like now, who lived among animals for 10 years

Tippi Degre is very popular all over the world. Articles were written about her and documentaries were made. Her peculiarity lies in the fact that from childhood she was independently accustomed to communicating with wild animals. She was born in 1990 in Namibia, after which her parents often traveled with her to other areas. They even moved to Madagascar, where Tippy taught the local tribes how to hunt and survive.

After a while, the family moved back to France, and it was difficult for the girl to find a common language with her peers, so she continued to communicate with animals. Now, at the age of 29, Tippi is a writer and photographer who plans to move to Africa, claiming the city is a place of filth and noise.

The direct relationship of man with nature has a completely different meaning. She claims to have never been afraid of the wild world and has always been technically equipped being with animals.

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