A 108-year-old man knits coats for penguins: the strength of love.

In his final years, Andrew Morris, who had long since mastered knitting, spent them proving that there is always something that can be done to help people in need. He spent his time teaching others how to knit.

He had no clue at the time that this hobby would later turn into his major focus and greatly enhance the lives of other penguins. The extraordinary granddad devoted a tremendous amount of labor. To help the penguins, volunteers crochet cute jumpers. A spill in 2001 had a devastating impact on 438 juvenile penguins.

The Foundation staffer Alison Browne states that the clothing had a very big influence merely on the organization’s objective, and thankfully, 96% of them were discovered.

Those who would want to join us notify us in writing of their plans.

The foundation director claims that after providing the knitting needles and the design, they produce the sweaters and distribute them once they are complete. Thankfully, whomever was in charge of the penguins’ welfare had the brilliant idea to make miniature jackets that the birds could temporarily don and that would act as a barrier safeguarding them.

The volunteer Andrew Morris was really helpful.

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