A shelter dog soothes his sister with cuddles after being saved.

A call recently came in from a non-profit volunteer group asking for help for a family of dogs. Soon after volunteers arrived, they found a mother dog, two puppies, and a living situation on the street.

They formed a relationship of mutual help and entirely depended on one another because it was obvious that the owners were uncaring about the dogs. The cubs were healthy, which is fortunate, but they are now quite reserved.

The staff at the shelter couldn’t contain their emotions when they observed Perry cradling Lerry as if to comfort her since they didn’t know what to do without their mother. They didn’t learn about comfort and safety outside of the shelter.

They receive incremental instruction on how to interact with people and get used to being around them. Although the process is long, the shelter staff is persistent and makes progress that can be measured step by step.

Due to their close proximity, the shelter will require that they stay together in one home rather than being divided when they are ready for adoption.

What a unique connection the two share. Everyone will be moved to tears by this tale.

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