Amazing pictures capture the wonder of a whale sending a rainbow into the atmosphere.

Two whales approach a group of visitors who are “dropping rainbows” into the air at this magnificent moment. After a day of scuba diving, these group of tourists in Lahaina, Hawaii, are in for a shock when they head back to the beach.

As they return, a couple of curious humpback whales swim close to their boat.

The giant mammals subsequently erupt from the water’s surface, expelling air from their apertures to create an incredible rainbow above their heads, as if being within inches from these astonishing creatures weren’t exhilarating enough.

The pair of whales often execute a stunning performance that leaves the tourists in awe, in which different hues of red, orange, yellow, and green are suspended in the air by the water mist the whales make.

The whales slowly approached the ship from a distance of 300 feet until they were right beside it.

I was able to really appreciate the magnitude and grandeur of these magnificent beasts. We couldn’t believe what we were witnessing; it is the most magnificent and fascinating sight I have ever seen.

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