An eight-year-old dog is found and immediately remembers his owner in an emotional reunion.

The moment this man entered the home and left his two dogs outside, everything began. After spending the whole night searching, the guy discovered through his neighbors that the dogs had entered a sheep pasture belonging to a farmer friend of his.

Months have passed as the man’s family has been searching for a dog, placing flyers and offering rewards for information.

With each passing day, his chances of finding the dog were less likely.

The man got a call eight years after his dog disappeared telling him they had discovered a dog that looked just like his lost dog.

The man departed right away. In an effort to locate his missing companion, he traveled for four hours. It turned out to be his beloved puppy, thus his lengthy trek had not been in vain.

The dog came up and started licking the man’s face like they hadn’t been separated for eight years.

The dog stayed next to his master the first night, reluctant to separate from him even for a moment. He won’t totally recuperate for a very long time.

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