Kittens were abandoned because of how they looked. But it was found that these are actual Maine Coons.

The inhabitants have become accustomed to anticipating the presence of kittens in their yards whenever a cardboard box appears. When the kittens were in the little box, the same thing happened.

At the same time that the kittens were taken to the veterinarian, medicine was also given. Comparatively speaking to other kittens, these ones developed too soon.

The paws developed into quite robust, dense pads, the muzzles took on an even longer form, and the ears’ tassels were already very fluffy at three months, which projected potential giants rather than just lovely kittens.

Photos of the kittens were sent to a female breeder who specialized in breeding Maine Coons, and she verified that they were really purebred Maine Coons. Furthermore, it seemed that a breeder who had allowed them to leave the organization lived in this area.

The breeder presumably kept their mother simply to breed the cubs since doing so generated a lot of money for the owner and treated the kittens like a living commodity that would not profit from her activities.

The breeder provided assistance in finding them a home.

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