The young girl wanted to have a great Christmas not only for her, but also for the kittens. Thus, she donated a bunch of food to the animal shelter organization.

Nine-year-old Lydia, a native of Washington, is deserving of Christmas gifts as a reward for her excellent behavior. But she wasn’t like other youngsters; she wanted to help people who were in real need. This time, she opted against asking for toys and instead asked for the requisite quantity of food for the cats and dogs living in one of the local shelters.

The animal sanctuary posted a photo of the youngster next to a cart that was overflowing with pet supplies and food just before Christmas. By the time of the holidays, the youngster had saved enough cash to buy up to 250 kg of food, as well as toys and pet supplies.

At age six, Lydia took her first steps outside and was profoundly struck by the realization that many animals did not have their own homes.

This is what Lydia has been doing for three years. Internet people praised the girl’s parents for raising her well, expressed their happiness at the girl’s actions, and expressed their desire for other kids to behave like her parents did.

What a wonderful youngster. I hope she can teach a lot more kids.

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