What does the daughter of the famous dwarf actor Peter Dinklage look like!

Everyone surely has heard the name Peter Dinklage to be the most prominent dwarf actor in the globe. he gained the worldwide fame after his fantastic role in «Game of Thrones».

Because of the genetic disease called achondroplasia the actor’s height is 135 cm. However Peter reached a huge success and popularity and proved that appearance is a minor thing when a person is talented.

The incredible personality has created not only an amazing career but also a wonderful family. Peter has been married to theatre director Erika Schmidt and they have 2 children. But the couple runs very secret personal life and hardly anything is known about their daughter born in 2011. Moreover, the jurnalists couldn’t manage to know the gender of the second child.

Only once did the paparazzi manage to spot Peter and his daughter on the street. It is evident that the cute girl did not inherit the father’s disease. She is a real beauty!

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