He was teased at school for being short, but now he is one of the most successful actors in the world

Now Peter Dinklage dictates the terms of his contract, but once he was the most ordinary boy in school, bullied by his classmates.

Peter’s short stature is the result of achondroplasia, which stops growing arms and legs, and the torso and head develop as in a healthy person. At the moment, the actor is 135 cm tall.

Since childhood, Peter realized that he wanted to be an actor and did everything to make the dream a reality. Dinklage first appeared on the screen in 1995 in the film «Life in Oblivion».

In 2003, he finally rose to fame after the movie «The Station Ranger.» He received positive reviews from critics for his performance in the title role.

And then 2011 and the fateful role of Tyrion Lanister in the most iconic TV series of our time, «Game of Thrones».

To date, Peter Dinklage is the most famous dwarf in Hollywood.

In his personal life, he is also very lucky. He has a wife and two children.

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