This American underwent 90 plastic surgeries to look perfect!

Justin Jedlica, 32, from New York, has spent over $100,000 on 90 cosmetic surgeries. He constantly strives for the perfect appearance. Now plastic surgery is very popular, but there are people who perceive it as the only true solution to the problems of their own appearance.

Justin looks like a lover of fitness and protein shakes, but in fact his “puffed up” muscles are made entirely of plastic and silicone.

So, he has breast implants, a polymer lattice is on his stomach instead of cubes, and it’s better not to squeeze his triceps and biceps too much, otherwise they will burst and a thick colorless liquid will flow out of them.

The story started with the innocent desire to make the gluteal muscles elastic, without exhausting himself with physical exercises, with the help of a professional surgeon’s scalpel.

Thus, our hero has undergone 90 different plastic surgeries in the last 10 years and his body has become «artificial» similar to that of a Barbie dolls companion.

During one of the interviews Justin admitted that he is psychologically dependent on the achievements of cosmetic surgery. “I love to modernize myself, and the more complex the operation, the better. I enjoy the feeling of being cooler than others,” he admitted.

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